The Lifestyle Of The Hypermobile Traveler: The Ups And Downs

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For many people, sitting in a café or market square and watching the world go by, or being at home and feeling like part of the furniture is not what makes life interesting. They would rather be out there in the world, see all its amazements, create beautiful experiences and memories. The only way they can do it, is through travel.

The Lifestyle Of The Hypermobile Traveler: The Ups And Downs.

The travel lifestyle.

The origin of the word "travel" is most likely lost to history. The term "travel" may originate from the Old French word travail, which means 'work'. Back in the olden days, work was the main reason why people traveled and probably the reason behind the similarity in terminology. In today’s world however, work is only one of the main reasons that people travel, the other being leisure. 

Business travel. 

Travel for work, is nowadays mostly called business travel, it has many positive benefits for employees, the largest being the opportunity to see parts of the world on the company's dime. Today, many business travelers incorporate business and leisure, otherwise called ‘bleisure’ travel, into their work travel. It enables them to rip the rewards of both worlds, business and leisure, albeit with some compromises here and there. 

Effects of business travel.

Although frequent business travel can be very rewarding for travelers, there is a dark side to it. Employees who travel for work on a regular basis often experience loneliness, depression, and reduced mental health. In 2019, 1 in 5 business travelers reported that business travel negatively affected their mental health. Additionally, many business travelers often miss important family events, creating additional relationship stress. 

Leisure travel.

Since the idea of mixing business and leisure is not necessarily a good idea, coupled with the fact that one needs some time to themselves, the need to break away from work routines can’t be emphasized enough. This brings in the all-important aspect of leisure time; a time to rewind and unwind, a time to be yourself. The big question is, how do you spend that all-important leisure time? 

Do not dream your life, live your dreams. 

For many people, sitting in a café or market square and watching the world go by, or being at home and feeling like part of the furniture is not what makes life interesting. They would rather be out there in the world, see all its amazements, create beautiful experiences and memories that they can one day, in their twilight years, reminisce about. For these individuals, life is an adventure, it’s about being out there, expanding your horizons, and doing exploration. The only way they can have this adventure, is through travel. 

Every travelers journey has a story.

Every traveler’s journeys are made up of different stories that define the pleasurable moments they experience. To some it’s about the different cultures of the places they visit, the cuisine, they night life, the music, dance and drama, etc. And to many others, it’s about the scenery, the sight-seeing, the open spaces, nature, etc. Others travel to discover whatever it is that is out there, sweet or bitter, they want to know. Whatever the motive and experience in travelling, there is always some kind of satisfying story to tell. 

Hypermobile traveler.

Because of the rewards that travel accords to our lives, the pleasures it brings, and the enrichment it adds to our lives, it is a major go to activity especially for those who can afford it. As a matter of fact, many people travel as a means of escapes or get away, supposedly to a more rewarding experience or place, which keeps them wanting more and more. Some, depending on affordability, become too dependent on travel as a means of escape that they become what is commonly referred to as hypermobile travelers. 

Environmental effects of hypermobile travel

Hypermobile travelers are "highly mobile individuals" who take "frequent trips, often over great distances." They "account for a large share of the overall mileage travelled, especially by air." These individuals contribute significantly to the overall amount of air miles flown within a given society. There’s been some concerns raised over hypermobility and although the concerns over hypermobility apply to several modes of transport, the environmental impact of aviation and especially its greenhouse gas emissions have brought particular focus on flying. Among the reasons for this focus is that these emissions, because they are made at high altitude, have a climate impact that is commonly estimated to be 2.7% higher than the same emissions if made at ground-level. 

Addictive nature of hypermobility

If you have also been wondering whether travel can be addictive, the simple answer is ‘yes’. The addictive properties of hypermobile travel have been noted by researchers. Travel can be ‘addictive.’ It can sometimes border on obsession. Whether this is the product of biology or psychology, it taps into a much bigger, and much older, debate. Some like to point to the ‘wanderlust gene,’ a biological root that purportedly gives around 20 per cent of us a heightened proclivity to long-haul journeying. Widespread Internet use is seen as a contributory factor towards hypermobility due to the increased ease in which it enables travel to be desired and organized. To the extent that the Internet stimulates travel. 

Travel accords a sense of purpose and fulfillment

Overall, travel is beautiful, it’s satisfying, and it opens your eyes to things you’ve never imagined. It’s one of the things that give meaning to life because without travel, there is no adventure. Adventure is one of those things that most people point at as things to live for and it can only be obtained through travel. Traveling develops skills you didn’t know you had, it helps you learn new languages, it helps you experience life to the full, and many other wonderful things. But most of all, it gives you a sense of purpose and accomplishment. 

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