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If Alyx is known for one thing, it's for its hardware: for its "rollercoaster" buckle, for its pseudo - tactical chest rigs, for its general belief that a garment is not complete until it's got something dense and Moncler Outlet Store awesome dangling from or attached to it. Naturally, Alyx gear is all over the genius collection.

Each outerwear piece can be separated and condensed into smaller cubes. We see in color. For labels that have made their name in a niche and since perfected it, one of the biggest struggles can be breaking from the self - imposed mold. That's when a sub - brand comes in useful.

But still, despite all the different elements, what we are doing is very simple. Everyone has a concept, and everyone is making a contribution; sharing their creativity in order to make something new." Pulling this all together in a few weeks must have been even more mind - frying than watching it - so piuminos off to the MondoGenius massive.

I bought the company in 2003 and at the beginning, it was really something different but I immediately realised that the culture was already very strong and really interesting. Elements of it had to change, but I wanted to respect the DNA while improving the perception of the brand.

When this campaign came to me, and I understood the creative direction, I was very excited because it's everything we've been waiting for. True to Hyke's basecamp inspiration in military uniform, the first 50 percent of the collection was determinedly olive in color, before side - sorties into navy and special forces black.


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