Use Less Ink While Printing with High Quality Output

No-one says that using less ink can decrease the quality of your print.

People think that if they need clear and quality print then they has to use more ink. But this is completely insane. In the commercial printing industry, we all can agree that ink is the most consumable product. Because for getting any type of print, we need to utilize our ink and this usage is directly connect to the cost. Nowadays, manufacturer and printing companies are finding a way for reducing the cost of ink in their task with maintaining the quality of print.

And when we discuss about Collin ink then we should keep this thing more seriously. The Collin ink used in the printing with water based colors, black – white oil based, solvent water colors. So, Fam printing is here providing you an opportunity to provide the quality output while using less ink.

Tips to Optimize Ink Usage in Printing Technology:

  • First of all, you need to choose the right printing resolution to achieve the quality of print.
  • Always try to choose the replacement of Gray component and go with black.
  • Choose eco-fonts which can helps you in reducing the ink consumption.
  • Trust only on original print cartridges for using Cij Inkjet Printer.
  • You should install bulk ink system to utilize the efficiency and reduce the unused ink.


These above mentioned tips can be used as perfect plan to reduce ink cost for companies. After reading all the points, you are aware that what you need to do next. And if you need to discuss more about the tips and want to get any help from fam printing then drop a call to our customer care team and get instant resolution for your query.