It was in 8.2, Nazjatar, late at night.

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There was no reason to take this action. She was from another realm. I was already WOW TBC Gold in a guild. There was no reason for her to assist me in any way. She still took time to help me out and give me tips. Teaching me the basics and providing some suggestions for playing the role of Warlock. Warlock.

I'm unable to even remember her name. Then, I've not seen her since. However, her kindness and willingness to help me , simply stayed with me. Still makes me happy :)

Do you have any stories about people going extra mile to help make the game a better place for you?

Let's face it, it is only one person that can help a novice player and show kindness for a new player can be born. Help:

It was in 8.2, Nazjatar, late at night. After the raid, I and 10 members of my guild decided to enter warmode and take over the Alliance town ours. It was a wonderful night of combat. I wasn't actually killed because of the endless sustain on guards.

Anyway after a while people get tired But after killing hundreds of people my Alliance Slaying quest completed (the one where you must to kill 10 people in consecutive days without dying, and the location of your kill is shown on the map).

So I thought that why not to do it? It's a lot of fun and I'm sure I won't do the same experience again for a while. I began to swarm around at lonely people and was soon repudiated by the Wpvp as blood was considered to be filth at the time.

I was at 6/10 when two of my friends teamed with me, two DPS with high-end equipment. I try to fight for my life for as long as I can. But soon all my CDs are gone I am at zero, and I'm thinking I was nearly done... The moment a green cocoon hatches on me, my existence went from 5% down to 100% in a matter of seconds and I notice this random monk walking by who took the initiative to help me and aid me in killing the two.

After a moment of calm, I am grateful to him for his assistance and inform him that he has saved my journey. He took the initiative to meet me at 3 AM and help me stay alive in my search for my name. He was truly a hero and I am extremely grateful for cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold his assistance. We soon were defeated by three other teams! We managed to prevail with our combined force, and I was named the winner.


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