"I find them absurd because Jagex tries to force

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After the launch of War of Legends, Jagex shocked everybody by supporting what they call "JCredits". To put it another way to get an edge in the games, you must pay real money. A lot of players find this to be RS gold totally contrary to their normal practice of "real world trading". Items in-game for real money. Jagex seems to like the concept of real money so long as they can get it.

What do players think about JCredits "I'd prefer to see the game require a small payment and recieve member benefits rather than having Jcredits purchase in-game things." Like Runescape membership. The amount of real money that you spend doesn't impact your game play advantage. Let's conclude this with some words about JCredits, which I find very fitting.

"I find them absurd because Jagex tries to force you to spend real money to get anywhere. Jagex has used microtransactions within the game to gain benefit. Now, Jagex will make you pay for chats, free your city from enslavement and complete tasks. This is a major step up. The game is completely boring without JCredits.

Jagex I believe that Jagex, did not respond well to feedback from users. This will be illustrated with an example from my own experience. Imagine getting up early in the morning. The light will be on once you get up from your bed. Since you're more accustomed to darkness, your eyes will be partially closed, letting in as much light light as you can. While you adjust to the light, gradually you will increase the size of your eyes until you can absorb all the light from the lamp.

Imagine it as a bright sunny day. The sun will blind you again once you step outside. You can either partially close your eyes and keep them closed or put on sunglasses. You will still see some light coming in your eyes, no matter how you look at it.

In the above example you can either close or open your eyes depending upon the situation. The amount you can filter is contingent upon how much sunlight is available. This is what I refer to as dynamic filters, and it is easily observed in virtually every aspect of your daily life.

The issue I have in certain communities of this day is that they buy OSRS gold develop a policy or "filter" according to the current circumstances and then stick to it for a lengthy period of time. This is because the world changes rapidly and community leaders don't change their policies in line with the changing environment.


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