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OldSchool RuneScape (OSRS) Vorkath Melee Guide - The Most Effective strategy to overcome

 Vorkath is a boss that can be killed solo which can be defeated by melee or ranged attack. It is among the most profitable and easy to defeat in OSRS. Dragon Hunter Lance was released in January 2019. It made it simpler and faster to defeat Vorkath using melee mode. You get a juicy 20% boost in damage, accuracy and damage when fighting dragons. It is also possible to save resources by eliminating Vorkath by melee. This is because melee will give you a higher defense bonus and you don't require any ammunition. This guide is focused on taking down Vorkath using melee.


 The typical profit earned from a single kill is between 140k to 160k OSRS Gold. You can get 30+ kills per hour after you've mastered Vorkath. This amounts to 4.5M gold in an hour. However, this can depend on the equipment you use and will be discussed later. Without regular drops like noted coins, dragon hides, and various alchables etc. You are likely to receiving one of these rare drops that could significantly enhance your adventure. There are unique drops with current price (2019 June) below:

 6M Draconic Face

 Skeletal visage - 36M

 Dragonbone necklace - 104k

 Vorki - a dope looking pet.

 More useful information:

 Just like Alchemical Hydra or Zulrah, Vorkath will always provide you with 2 drops that will remain on the ground for 30mins (unless you quit the area, which will result in losing your dropped items!). If died, you will be able receive all your items from a boatman, for the cost of 100k. This shouldn't be a problem in case you're a regular participant because Vorkath could be killed in the background while watching YouTube.

 Because Vorkath is undead The salve amulet's (ei-attack bonuses) do not stack with the dragon hunter's lance bonuses. If you're on blue dragons' slayer task, you could also bring your slayer's helmet, and switch your salve (ei) amulet for torture, or fury amulet to get even more killings.

 Requirements and suggestions:

 It is required to be able to complete Dragon Slayer 2, which includes 200 quest points and Legends Quests. You also need to complete Dream Mentors, Dream Mentors, Edgar's Ruse, and Legends Quest. Additionally, you will need skills requirements like 60 Agility, 70 Smithing etc. These requirements are definitely worth the effort.

 The dragon is the main character therefore you'll require a solution to dragonfire breath. It could be an anti-dragon shield or dragon fireshield. Additionally, you'll need runes for the "crumble undead" spell that consumes 2 earth, 2 air and 1 chaos rune. Dust runes can be used to clear out one inventory slot.

 Fremennik elite diary is highly recommended since they permit you to teleport to Vorkath in the fastest method. This method of teleportation can be used in conjunction with the Ornate rejuvenation pool that is located in your player-owned house. It can restore your Prayer and HP as well as your Special attack bar. The pool needs an minimum of 82 constructs which is quite high but the options available will boost your kills per hour by a significant amount, so it's worth your work!

 If you don't have a rejuvenation pool or the fremennik elite boots, I recommend you switch some of your supplies to super restores and saradomin drinks for longer trips.

 Combat Requirements

 There aren't any specific combat requirements to kill Vorkath However, being armed with these combat skills will make your trips more efficient

 90+ Attack

 90+ Strength

 More than 90 Defence

 More than 90 Hitpoints

 Prayers for Piety 70+

 How to get there

 There are 3 methods to reach your destination.

 The first step is to have your house in Rellekka settled. After that, you can utilize your teleportation system to a player-owned house. Then, you can exit the portal, and then head to the boatman (all options are listed below). S. I highly recommend having POH in Rellekka, even if you're not planning to follow the first method.

 Lunar Isle method will only work for people who haven't yet completed Fremennik elite diaries. Teleport to Lunar Isle using the teleportation method that does not require Seal of Passage. Speak to any NPC there and they'll remove you from the Isle and take you to the location below on the map.

 To teleport Fremennik boot method, simply click the teleportation button on Fremennik boot, and then follow the steps to connect to the boatman.

 To be able to defend yourself against a fire bomb, you will need to move 2 squares to the side in any direction, failing to move, it will instantly take your life, and moving just one square away could result in 70+ injuries. The attack is extremely slow, so you must be able to avoid it. The attack is shown below. Let's take a take a look at Vorkath's specific and standard attacks. For his basic attacks, he'll make use of Melee and Ranged Dragonfire and Fire Bomb, Magic, Venom, and prayer-disabling attacks. It may sound like an awful lot, but your good defence benefit, Serpentine Helm, Super anti fire potion and prayer protection will be able to handle the majority of his attacks. It is only necessary to concentrate on two of his most basic attacks.

 To turn on your Prayer-disabling Attack, simply press the quick prayers icon. It's as easy as that. Example of this attack is displayed below:

 Below is the Ice breath attack. After the Ice breath attack, as shown below: Vorkath will use one of two special attacks after each of the six basic attacks.

 Vorkath will create a zombie minion which will begin approaching you in a suicide attacks. Utilize your Crumble Undead spell on him as fast as possible, failing to kill it on time can cause up to 60+ damage:

 2nd Special attack: Acid spills + fireball bombardment:

 Vorkath will quickly sprinkle acid across the area before spitting flames that follow your moves. Begin running and moving around the area to stay clear of acid spills which will do 10 damage and heal Vorkath.

 It's crucial to move around the area. It's best to get on the acid spill rather than stop moving because every fireball can do more than 30 damage and Vorkath shoots these attacks every minute!

 The fight:

 Make sure to have your quick prayers ready before you go into the scene. Then take a sip of Extended Super Antifire and sip of Super combat potions, then enter.

 In this case, Vorkath will not attack you unless you poke at him. Clear one inventory space by dropping a shark etc and you'll be able to get it back after fighting. Now get your Bandos godsword ready with its special attack and poke Vorkath to begin the fight:

 If Bandos godsword spec. attack will fail to hit Vorkath I would highly suggest returning to your home take a drink from the Ornate Rejuvenation pool, and then start all over again. Vorkath has a very high defense bonus and success with a special attack at the start of the fight will make the journey faster, which means you have less time for errors :)

 After successful BGS special attack Vorkath is going to attack you by using 6 basic attacks, before unleashing one of his special abilities that will be random. I highly recommend toggling your run off after 5th basic attack. This will help you keep your attention on him to be ready for his acid spill attack.

 Following the special attack, he'll carry on with six basic attacks. After that, the character will be able to use a different abilities that are unique to him. If Acid spill was the first special attack, then the second special attack would be Zombified Spike. Six more basic attacks will be followed by another Acid spill attack.

 If you have an Ornate rejuvenation facility, you can grab the loot following the kill. You can then poke him to restart the process.

 If you died during the fight, head to the boatman for your lost stuff for 100k fee. It doesn't matter if you have less than 100k in your possession. The cash will come directly out of your bank.

 Pro tip:

 Once you've mastered Vorkath's techniques, you can master a technique called Woox walking. It is used to create acid spill special attack. It is necessary to move between the two sides when attacking Vorkath with rapid fireball attacks. To do this, find an acid-free area, strike Vorkath with your attack, and then swiftly return. It takes practice and you'll be spending 100k each time you fail. If you can master this method, you will able to get the most gains per hour.

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