Top Robots that can help the Teachers

Top Robots that can help the Teachers
Robot-teacher of programming

Robot-teacher of programming

Timio's Swiss robot, compact and futuristic, teaches students the basics of programming. The robot, for example, makes drawings according to the program created for it, students test their knowledge. Source: Thymio , 2019.

Another robot that teaches programming to junior high students is Elon from Ukraine. It was developed by scientists of the Shostka IT Center: teachers of the Shostka Institute of SSU Pavlo Pata, Oleksandr Andrusenko and student Ivan Serdyuk. "Elon's Smart Robot" is a unique example of a combination of a representative of the world of "Internet of Things" and a programming system. The robot has a wireless connection to the Internet, it also has a built-in voice module that allows you to talk to him. With the help of a robot you can measure the basic parameters of the environment: use as a weather station or laboratory measuring stand. The programming system allows you to program the work to execute commands. Source: SSU News , 2018.

A robot that teaches to dance
In Japan, developed a robot dance teacher. Project author Diego Felipe Paes Granados says this is not the first robot to waltz, but unlike its predecessor, it can lead a partner. The robot moves on wheels, but the upper part of the car imitates the human body. Data of the video capture system, as well as laser rangefinders and pressure sensors are used to monitor the partner. Source: IEEE Xplore , 2017.

Zoom robot
The work was developed during the pandemic to help teachers teach Zoom lessons. The assistant monitors the teacher's movements, automatically returns, understands when to turn on the slides and what to display. Source: Ieducate , 2020.

Ecorobot polyglot

The robot knows 38 languages! And even more incredible - made using recycled materials. The developer is Dinesh Patel, a lecturer in computer science at the Indian Institute of Technology. He says he used £ 500 worth of cardboard and plastic to build Shalu's social humanoid with artificial intelligence that can identify objects and solve equations. Source: Times Now News , 2021.

A robot that knows everything about Covid

The work was developed by students of the Dubai Carmel School with the support of the Department of Innovation. The robot helps to raise awareness about the coronavirus, can act as a virtual doctor: to check body temperature or distribute hand sanitizer. If a student experiences any symptoms, the robot sends a warning to the school management.

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