A key component of developing a NBA 2K22 winning team

It is critical to keep your team prepared not only to win games, but also to go on a playoff run

It is critical to keep your team prepared not only to win games, but also to go on a playoff run. With the Team Training options in 2K22 MT Buy, there should be plenty of flexibility to adjust things as needed. Users will be able to view a three-week training schedule for their team. In addition, specifics such as intensity, fatigue, and injury risk are displayed for the practices to assist in making adjustments as needed. Along with that, players have the ability to make their own "smart" decisions about how they approach training in order to reduce their risk of game fatigue or injury. Individual players' training goals can also be adjusted to ensure that they are progressing in the direction of becoming the player that they should be.


MyNBA is the game mode in which players take on the role of general manager, tasked with constructing a championship contender from the ground up. This particular mode is only available on the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X/S gaming consoles. According to the most recent information released for the mode, it will include new additions in the form of MyStaff and Training. This should elevate the level of user control over their franchise to an entirely new level.

A key component of developing a winning team is having a capable staff that can influence the team's direction. With the updated MyStaff in NBA 2K22 MyNBA, gamers will have even more positions to fill for their teams. 
Front-line management (Governor, General Manager, Assistant General Manager, CFO)
Coaching (Head Coach, Shot Doctor, Bigman Coach, Post Defense Coach, Perimeter Defense Coach, Guard Guru, Wing Whisperer, etc.)
Scouting (Head Scout, 4 domestic Scouts, 2 foreign Scouts)
Sports Medicine (Team Doctor, Strength Trainer, Stamina Trainer, Sports Psychologist, Sports Scientist, Physiotherapist, Sleep Doctor)
Along with the new departments, there are also new attributes that are available to the employees. Some of the examples given are Charisma and Money Sense, which can be applied to a variety of different staff members. They can then transfer to different areas of the staff as needed, depending on their strengths.

The Prep Hub will be a new menu option that will appear in the Training section.2K describes it as a "one-stop-shop" for adjusting team training and fatigue in advance of your next opponent. The Prep Hub also demonstrates team proficiency in terms of how players play and adapt to the Head Coach's current system.

Conditional Coaching is a new feature that allows users to add requirements for simulated games if they meet certain criteria. Garbage Time is a good example. Users can program this pre-set option to bring in bench players when the game is out of hand by a specific number of points. This will allow starters to rest for the following game and will also help to avoid injuries. Of course, that is only one example of Conditional Coaching that is available. 

Last but not least, they've mentioned three new pre-built teams that will be available for MT 2K22 players to use. They are the Bronx Brawlers, the Honolulu Breeze, and the Omaha Airmen. These pre-built teams are complete with logos, uniforms, and arenas already in place. Gamers can include them in leagues from the start, or they can wait and use them as expansion teams if they so desire.


At the NBA 2K Courtside Report, you can find out more about what's coming up with MyNBA. NBA 2K22 will be released on Friday, September 10 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PCs.


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