How to Protect Your Colour-Treated Hair

Want to protect your coloured strands from heat damage? This article will help you guide protect your colour-treated hair.

You might be one of the thousands of people that has a large amount of colour treated hair. Whether your hair is chemically treated or you just have some colour added, you are probably concerned with protecting your colour. This can include the chemicals in hair products, as well as hair styling products and your hair itself. There are many different ways that you can protect your hair, from hair styling products to the products you use on your hair itself. The easiest way to go about doing this is to learn all you can about the topic.


The first thing to know about how to protect your colour treated hair is that there are some products out there that are harmful. These types of products might contain alcohol, which is a drying agent. While this might seem good for someone with oily hair, it can make your colour treated hair very brittle and easily damaged. Always use caution when applying alcohol-based products to your hair.


Using Right Shampoos and Conditioners for Your Colour-Treated Hair


The next thing you want to know about how to protect your colour treated hair is that some shampoos and conditioners can also be damaging. Many people are surprised to find out that just about any shampoo or conditioner can be damaging to their hair. If you find shampoo or conditioner listed in an anti-dandruff guide or called Nizoral, you might want to skip using them. Any product containing alcohol can be extremely harsh on your hair and can even strip it of its natural oils. So, if you are looking for a product that will treat your coloured hair, try Joico Defy Damage Protective Shampoo Conditioner that will help your hair stay strong, shiny, and healthy.


Conditioners can be more tricky, as they often need to be applied more often than shampoos. If you use a conditioner too frequently, you can end up stripping your hair of moisture, and this can lead to dry brittle hair. To protect yourself, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. A simple way to keep your hair healthy is to rinse off the excess product from your hair every few days.


It's important to remember that hair tends to become drier as it ages. That doesn't mean you have to shampoo your colour treated hair every day. It’s perfectly healthy for it to suffer from moisture loss. Once your hair has gone through treatment, it needs time to recover. Shampooing it every day will force it to try and heal itself quicker. This can lead to more breakage and less protection for your colour treated hair.


Things to Do to Protect Your Colour-Treated Hair


Another thing to remember is that your colour treated hair needs to stay away from direct sunlight and other sources of extreme heat. Sunlight can cause your hair to dry out and be brittle, and it's best not to leave it exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged amounts of time. When choosing an appropriate style for your hair, you should always try to cover it up with clothing if possible. It's very tempting to skip the shower in the morning, but that's a mistake you should avoid at all costs. Your colour treated hair is very vulnerable to drying out and breaking if it's left out in the open. Wear a hat or cap if you need to, and always use UV sunscreen when going outside to avoid sunburns.


If you want to know how to protect your colour treated hair, another important factor to consider is the type of products you use to protect it. Many conditioners, hair oils and styling products contain additives that can be harsh on your colour treated hair. They can also contain chemicals that can strip your hair of its natural oils. 




The answer to how to protect your colour treated hair is to only use products that are meant to treat your hair. If you use a high-quality conditioner regularly, your hair should remain much healthier and less likely to break easily. If you have damaged or split ends, you'll need to use a styling product to prevent them from further damaging your hair. Avoid chemical ingredients as much as possible and stay away from styling products that contain alcohol or petroleum-based ingredients. These will dry out your hair and cause more damage than they will ever fix.


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