Detailed Content for the Bare Bones eFootball Launch, Due 30th September

Detailed Content for the Bare Bones eFootball Launch, Due 30th September

Konami's contentious football simulation eFootball will come on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on 30th September 2021 with a very limited selection of activities and ways to play, the company said. The publisher previously recognized that the initial release is effectively a demo, but now that the entirety has been revealed alongside what's coming in the future, it's clear that fans will have to wait some time before eFootball becomes a serious contender to FIFA 22.

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Offline matches can be performed against the AI or a friend at launch. You can choose between nine teams: Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal, Corinthians, Flamengo, River Plate, and S. Paulo. These nine squads will compete at six stadiums: Camp Nou, Old Trafford, Allianz Stadium, Emirates Stadium, Allianz Arena, and the eFootball Stadium.

Head online to engage in weekly online events using the aforementioned teams and their pre-set squads for incentives such as GP. Users of the PS5 and PS4 can compete against one another, but online capabilities will not be expanded to accommodate other consoles.

In September, eFootball will receive its first major upgrade, which will introduce numerous new modes to the free-to-play title. The Creative Teams and leagues features will enable you to sign players and begin assembling a world-beating squad; this is effectively the game's equivalent of FIFA Ultimate Team. "Begin by selecting a Base Team from one of over 600 licensed clubs/teams to use their actual crest, jersey, and stadium before assembling your dream squad." You can advance to higher league levels by accumulating points during matches, which has an effect on the benefits you obtain.

Additionally, the autumn update includes the following modes:

Tour Event - compete against AI opponents in a tour format, gathering Event Points to obtain rewards.
Play against other players online in a challenge event, fulfilling set objectives to earn rewards.
Online Quick Match — compete against other players in a casual online match against over 600 licensed clubs/teams, including recently integrated cross-platform matchmaking (PC and consoles only)
Online Match Lobby - establish an online match room and ask other players to participate in a 1vs1 match.
This significant upgrade also introduces a premium currency called eFootball Coins. Then there are two additional currencies to consider: GP and eFootball Points, both of which are gained through gameplay.

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Apart from the autumn update, further patches will include the following features:

Edit Mode — For no additional charge, the option to entirely customize teams, kits, and players will be enabled to supported devices - additional details will be revealed soon.
Support for haptic feedback and adaptable triggers on PlayStation 5
Ball trapping technique advanced
Special kicks such as the Power Pass, the Power Shot, and others
Support for mobile controllers
Complete cross-platform compatibility (PC, console and mobile)
eFootball is scheduled to launch on 30 September 2021, however it appears as though it will take some time before it becomes a game worth playing for more than 15 minutes. We can't believe that repeatedly playing the basic kick-off mode will be extremely exciting.

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