There are several different kinds of 100% handmade lace wigs

The comfort model is designed for people who have sensitive scalps

The comfort model is designed for people who have sensitive scalps. The hair is implanted and tied by hand onto a lace that is ultra-fine, airy, and elastic. The frame is extremely light, and it provides extremely pleasant comfort.



Braided monofilament + monofilament
This assembly has a good quality / price ratio because it combines a part made of monofilament with another made of perforated and stretchable cotton bands. It is of basic quality.
The monofilament wraps around the entire portion of the head that corresponds to the top of the skull. On top of the scalp, it is a fabric with an ultra fine mesh that is virtually invisible, and on which the short hair wigs is implanted by hand and meticulously tied one by one. Visually, this type of editing gives the hairstyle a very natural effect, as if the hair had grown naturally in that particular direction.
A large portion of the rest of the hairstyle is made up of hair braids. The braids are machine sewn onto stretch cotton bands, which provide a comfortable fit. The braids conform perfectly to the shape of the head and are strategically placed to allow for maximum ventilation.

Roundabout part made of monofilament
The transparency of the micro-skin located at the roundabout of the scalp lends a very natural appearance to the monofilament cap. On this micro-skin, you will find hair that has been meticulously knotted one at a time. The location of the circle varies slightly from one wig to the next in order to give the cup the most realistic and natural appearance possible, which is why each wig is unique. As a result, the meticulous implantation method of the hair creates the illusion that the hair is growing directly from the scalp.
Natural water wave hair is machine-sewn with the help of stretchable cotton bands that are virtually invisible. The combination of this water wave hairand cotton bands allows for the marriage of a variety of head shapes and sizes, both in men and in women.

Woven in a tangle
The most fundamental model. The hair braids that make up the hair are machine stitched onto cotton bands that have openwork and stretch to allow for maximum airflow to pass through. The braids are particularly well-suited to the shape of the hat's crown.

Lace cinematography
It is also referred to as front lace because it is an invisible frontal border. The hair is meticulously implanted one by one, by hand, on an extra fine tulle that is virtually undetectable at the level of the brow. The bangs appear very natural as a result, and they can be styled in a variety of ways (for example, backwards). This border can be found on a variety of wig models.


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