Well, I've been playing RuneScape the whole day

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Then repeat the last 4 steps until you've exhausted all your tablets. Miningxp, rcxp and RS gold virtually none running. I have not tested this method myself however it appears to be quick and easy to use. This method will require 50 runecrafting to gain access to the guild as well as the great orb project. Also, it will take some time to earn tokens for enough tablets. You might be better off spending your time with water tallys that could be offered for sale. But, it's worth thinking about. I hope it will help. Best of luck to all runecrafters regardless of the method they use.

Well, I've been playing RuneScape the whole day trying to raise alch in order to increase my Magic level. Sals CC offered help, as the Grand Exchange has a limit on how many items you can purchase. The only thing I received were comments from people claiming that I was a fraudster, lazy, a noob, etc.

What I wanted was for some kind soul to purchase items from the G.E. I asked for someone to buy me items off the G.E. and then either sell them for the same amount as mine or make an income of 10k. I continued my quest to Runescape C.C, various merchanting clan chats, and finally to the G.Es in worlds 1 and 3, and a few more to get the identical response.

After asking for help for over eight hours, I was lucky to find two people who were kind enough assist me. So the question becomes apparent: Is the entire RuneScape community following the same mindset? Note: Yesterday, I purchased 3M worth of Green D'Hide body for the same purpose without hesitation. Everything went perfectly.

Second Note: I can prove that I can pay for the cost using more than 6 million dollars in cash, nature runes, and an Santa Hat. I have been lending 24 hours for no cost to Sals CC players while I was not playing RuneScape. Sals! Could it be because we are so quick to accept, yet too slow to return?

As many of you should be aware, there are a lot of neglected areas in Runescape. It could be because it hasn’t had a graphical update in a while, or it might simply be because it doesn't involve anything with it. Problems such as cities or places that aren't large enough to OSRS buy gold make a difference, or those that seem to be a bit odd, could be an issue.


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