as someone who played aion in the past and now as a player

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I have a question regarding faction balance. I'm considering doing an aion classic kinah Elyos on Siel because I used to play an asmo in the old days. However, I am wondering what the drawbacks are. It's my first time playing Aussie internet, so not really pvp focused just want to play around and PVE/overworld using my chanter most of the time.

The life-span of the game is not known. But, the main group that plans to stick on the subject have already completed the initial leveling phase. This means you will not see a lot of players in the early areas. Anyone who reaches 42 is sure to stick.

as someone who played aion in the past and now as a player, I can say that the game is fantastic but is supported by a firm that is far too greedy to be a game's champion. Classic has a bad launch due to the fact that ncsoft forced players to join its base. They also added microtransactions that include p2w features included in the game. The majority of f2p games do not attempt to implement this feature, so ncsoft definitely wants to make as much cash as it can from the players before the hype wears off. If anything, Aion's private server is more effective at the moment.

It was a game that I tried several times but it didn't work out for me. In my search for something else to play, I came across the Classic server of the game. Was planning to revisit to play a bit sooner, but I've heard that the retail version contained some bad design choices or something like that. Let's go to what I'm enjoying so far about it:

The setting takes place in a fantasy world which is currently shattered in two by a cataclysmic catastrophe that occurred a few years ago. The human race has been split into two subtypes (each taking up a different portion of the globe) that are in constant tension with each other. You can pick which side you want to choose to play as a participant. The locations and environments offer an exotic, lively atmosphere that is different from a Medieval one. In some areas you'll even see gigantic creatures floating in the sky. Although it is possible to fly, it is not possible to do so in all places. This is still a fun and exciting feature however.

Gameplay: the most notable feature of the game is PvP. However, the content for PvE is great as I've observed. Combat is fluid and there's not a global cooldown for skills. Combat can be fought during flight. There's a place within the middle of the euro aion classic buy kinah world where PvP battles or seiges are held. I'm guessing that hundreds of players battle to claim territory. World PvP is also available as rifts that occur periodically, which allow players to enter other sides of the globe to carry out spy missions, exploration, or fighting at their own pace.


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