How to have more coins in FIFA 22

Learn how to safely transfer FUT 22 coins into your FIFA account.

If you want to have more FIFA 22 coins in your account, you can visit our FUT coin store. We aim to please our customers. WhatsGaming is the best FIFA coin store in the market where you can purchase as many coins as you want, with no EA 5% tax included. Buying FIFA coins is easy and secure with WhatsGaming.
Simply visit and click on Buy Coins menu, then you need to choose your gaming console, which all platforms are supported, then your transfer method and the matter of coins payment. The prices are cheap and you'll receive a discount percentage on all your future orders for the entire FIFA Season. Check out more details here. After the payment, WhatsGaming will take care of everything. We also have 24/7 WhatsApp customer service who will answer all of your FIFA coin-related questions.

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