Advice for NBA 2K23's Stretch Big Build

Our tutorial will cover the ideal physical metrics, attribute limits, takeovers, and even some insider advice on how to maximize your MyPlayer's potential on the court. Let's begin developing the successor to Dirk Nowitzki right now.

Thanks to big men like Brook Lopez, Kristaps Porzingis, and Anthony Davis octordle —who is having a bubble season—who are formidable forces within the post and capable shooters outside of it—the big man position in the contemporary NBA has been redefined. Even if the paint monster era is far from finished, NBA 2K23 players at the four or five slot may best distinguish themselves by being diverse scorers.

To make the ultimate stretch big build in NBA 2K23, let's go over all the information you need to know. Our tutorial will cover the ideal physical metrics, attribute limits, takeovers, and even some insider advice on how to maximize your MyPlayer's potential on the court. Let's begin developing the successor to Dirk Nowitzki right now.


Job title: C or PF (preferably C)
6-foot-10 in.
239 pounds in total.
7'5" is the length of the wings.

In recent years, agile centers have often been 6'10" or shorter. While maintaining relatively high speed/attribute limits, it has enough length to be a nuisance within the paint, particularly on rebounding and dunking.

It used to be simple to take advantage of the weight and reduce it to the absolute minimum in order to make your character speedier. The strength metric, however, is a crucial tool to have both for offense and defense, thus we can't implement it in 2K23. We discover that 239 lbs. gives speed a respectable increase while retaining a lot of strength.

Always difficult to estimate is the wingspan. However, lankier arms are less than optimal for a shooter and make for a stronger rebounder and inside presence. The reverse can make you a good shooter but will drastically restrict how successful you can be in and around the paint. The ideal height is 7'5" since it only deducts one point from shooting stats while greatly enhancing layup and dunk abilities.


close-up shot towards the end: 55
Vehicle Layup: 75
Speed Dunk: 80
Dunk: 90 standing
Control Post: 32

For this build to be as effective as possible, it's important to strike a balance between shooting and finishing. As these possibilities are more likely to be presented to a large with good floor space, we suggest concentrating on the standing and driving dunks. As opposed to shooting close to the paint, we advise prioritizing mid-range or beyond-the-arc shots. Therefore, the close shot may be taken low.


Taking a Mid-Range Shot: 80
90 Three-Pointer:
70 free throws

For any stretch big setup in NBA 2K23, this is the essential component. You'll be a danger if a player leaves you open because to your high three-point and mid-range shooting, particularly if you have a lot of important badges. However, we are aware from experience that accurate shooting at the line may be the difference between winning and losing. Some tutorials will entirely overlook the free throw statistic.


Pass accuracy during play: 33
30-inch ball handle
26 mph ball speed

Only this section is permissible for total disregard. It's unlikely that you will ever be asked to handle the ball in this position, with the odds being about 1%. Spend those important points elsewhere as your accuracy won't often be a problem as long as you're not making very poor passes.


Indoors: 82
79 miles around.
Steal: 79
Block: 94
Attaining 84 offensive rebounds
96 rebounds on defense

You must make a difference on the defensive end if you want to be a successful center (or even power forward). You're in luck, however, since our stretch large build can produce a defensive behemoth of epic proportions. The numbers for blocks and both rebounding are practically maximum, but the others are just high enough to open the bulk of the defensive badges that are available. Particularly in large games, blocks may make a significant impact.


Physically, you are 76.
Acceleration: 70
Weight: 92
Horizontal: 88
Energy: 78

Acceleration and speed should always be maximized. To take advantage of defensive errors and open up for opportunities as a floor spacer, you must be able to move swiftly. A high vertical rating will make your shoots almost unblockable and a high strength rating will ensure that you don't get bullied in the paint on either end of the court. Although not necessary, having strong stamina is also a plus since it makes it simpler to rush into position and make better shots.



Spot Up Shooter takes control in the first place; Glass Cleaner in the second

Depending on your preferred area of attention, each player will have a distinct option here. Given that this construct is specifically made for shooting, we would prioritize taking over the shot while making the rebounding option a secondary. The glass cleaner takeover, though, is virtually a cheat code for seizing boards if you're trying to be the next Wilt Chamberlain.


Advice for NBA 2K23's Stretch Big Build

Your player's overall rating will be poor unless you're prepared to give up VC or have rebirth enabled. Every player in NBA's MyCAREER mode starts out facing challenges that not even the finest build in the game can overcome. Determining the best way to use this build's features as soon as possible is what we're here to do. We'll do this by providing some useful advice.

Set screens first—we cannot emphasize this enough! All huge men depend on screens to survive. The possibility for a pick-and-roll score or even a pick-and-pop shot attempt is increased when you set a strong one in addition to improving your teammate's grade. The most amount of screens should be used in order to make an influence on the game before you get a chance to increase your stats.

To make the most of your effect on the floor and rapidly win some badges, concentrate on guarding and rebounding early. Even when your numbers are poor, rebounding is still quite easy to do. All you need to do is keep an eye on the big guy on the other side, go in front of him as the shot is being taken, and box out desperately when it is made. It won't always work, but you should find yourself getting a few rebounds every game, which will help you get defensive badges to help you become better at your game.

Learn the habits of the defender who is assigned to watch over you. NBA 2K players have their own tendencies and weaknesses, much as actual players do. In order to generate an open shot, travel outside the arc if you often find yourself alone. Move a teammate away from the paint if they are clinging to you like glue in order to provide room for them to make a high-efficiency basket.

All we can advise is to play wisely from that point on. Playing like Lebron James would be enjoyable, but there isn't a MyPlayer build that can match his skills. Focus on your shooting, rim-slamming, and defensive skills since these are what make this build so powerful. You'll quickly be helping your team win basketball games if you can master those basics and understand how to choose your moments.

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