A Brief Guide to Writing the Psychology Paper

Writing a psychology research paper can be intimidating for any student, especially those doing it for the first time.

Psychology is an exciting branch of science. Before you worry about writing a solid thesis statement for your Psychology research, the first thing you should focus on is finding the right topic.

All psychology research paper topics demand thorough research and impeccable writing efforts. You must choose a topic that helps you demonstrate the findings of your study in a simplified manner.

Tips For Finding The Right Topic

You don’t need a research paper writing guide to find good topics if you keep in mind these factors:

  • Brainstorm topics based on your interest and knowledge. Stick to a particular keyword while searching.
  • Search topics in the subfield of your interest.
  • Conduct extensive research and gather information from various peer-reviewed sources relevant to your topic.
  • Avoid topics that are either too broad or narrow.
  • Pick a topic that allows you to draft a strong thesis statement and a research paper by referring to existing resources and your findings.
  • Always keep two or three topics in hand to switch topics if you come across any challenges.
  • Give sufficient time for research. Gather data from different primary and secondary sources. Try to collect for first-hand data to enhance the credibility of your paper.

Interesting Research Paper Ideas

Most students struggle to find the right topic for critical assignments such as a term paper, dissertation or research paper. Below we've compiled a few psychology research paper topics to get you started.

  • How do memories work in humans?
  • Measurement of critical thinking
  • Relation of memories with psychological abilities
  • Role of colours in cognitive psychology studies
  • Effects of age on learning abilities
  • Depression and its impact on young adults
  • What causes suicidal thoughts in children?
  • The mental state of serial killers
  • Mass murders their causes
  • The role of upbringing on a child’s psychology
  • Is rehabilitation effective?
  • Identify how the human mind deals with anxiety and depression
  • Sex offenders and their psychology
  • Does couple therapy work?
  • Is depression a form of mental illness?
  • Is Qualitative research more effective than quantitative analysis?
  • Are women better with words and numbers? If yes, why?
  • How violence impacts the mind of young children?
  • Do dreams reveal an individual's true self?
  • Is a happy marriage a myth?
  • Schizophrenia and its effect on young adults
  • Understanding the minds of people with suicidal thoughts
  • Why has antisocial behaviour increased among today's teenagers?

And there you go! Bookmark this list for future reference. All the best!

Summary: Writing a psychology research paper can be intimidating for any student, especially those doing it for the first time. This article discusses a few essential tips for writing a psychology research paper and gives a few exciting topics to help students start.

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