Which 10 things we should never do?

Don’t abandon someone suddenly after giving them attention, It kills them. Don’t ignore your body and health.....

  1. Don’t abandon someone suddenly after giving them attention. It kills them.

  2. Don’t ignore your body and health.

  3. Don’t take things personally. Even if you know its personal, don’t take it personally. Then you win.

  4. Don’t be rude with your parents and siblings. They would stand for you in your troubling times.

  5. Don’t belittle yourself for your physical appearance. You cannot change it anyway so no point of doing that. Also, be yourself and like yourself. That matters the most.

  6. Don’t discuss politics with your best friend. That wouldn’t be a happy discussion and you’re probably gonna lose your friendship.

  7. Don’t make fun of a heart broken and depressed person. You can’t understand their emotional trauma unless you walk on the same hideous road. Be kind!

  8. Don’t forget who helped you in your tough times. Those people are your real friends and be grateful to them and pay the favor back in case of their tough times.

  9. Don’t compare your life or your people with others. The fingers on the same hand are not same. So, we cannot expect anyone be same.

  10. Don’t buy something because you might use it in future.


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