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What are the most effective ways to decide?

What are the most effective ways to decide?

Flip A Coin, Figure Out What Scares You More, Keep The End in Mind.....

  1. Flip A Coin - Simply flip a coin and hold it, covered, on your hand. Now think back to what you wanted the coin to show as it was in the air. Put the coin away without looking at the result and do what you wanted it to be.

  2. Figure Out What Scares You More - It is likely that that is the better choice but the more uncomfortable one. This is not always true but definitely more often than not.

  3. Make Decisions Early - Your Decision-Making-Power is a limited pool that gets recharged every night. Every choice, no matter how big or small, drains this pool (which is why habits are so important as they do not drain anything). Make the toughest decisions first.

  4. Keep The End in Mind - What is the purpose of this choice? Draw out your ultimate dream and try to connect it to either choice in as few steps as possible. Pick whichever gets you there with less steps.

  5. What Will You Regret Less? - In the end, which pathway do you think will produce the least amount of regret within you when you look back upon your life? In 10, 20, 30, 50 years, what choice will be less regretful?

  6. Just Do It - If you can will yourself to screw the consequences and do it anyway, then do it. Most of the time we are afraid of things that will never happen anyway.

  7. Just Don’t Do It - If you cannot will yourself to look away from the consequences then don’t do it. No one said you had to. It is okay not to do something. The question is: Is that truly what you want?

  8. Move On For A While - If you can move on without making a choice and the decision does not come back later, it was likely nothing important. If it does you know you need to do something about it which already eliminates most problems in making the decision.

  9. Know You Can Fail Both Ways - No one said that the easier choice is the safer one. What if you knew you could fail in both things? Would you still make that easy choice?

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