What are the 12 habits that destroy your focus and productivity?

Too less/too much sleep, Comfortable with comfort! This is a slow growth killer.....

  1. Too less/too much sleep.

  2. Comfortable with comfort! This is a slow growth killer.

  3. Staying in an unhealthy relationship.

  4. Thinking travel is just for fun !

  5. Overuse of medication. You are increasing your medicines for curing your illness. Is that really curing you!?

  6. Lack of social activities. Humans are social animals. We work better when socialised.

  7. Skipping exercise.

  8. Skipping Sunlight.

  9. Spending before earning!

  10. Not relaxing. Go for a walk or long drive!

  11. Waiting for perfect timing.

  12. Not planning your day the night before.

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