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he purpose of an extended essay is to allow the author to do some independent research on the subject

The purpose of an extended essay is to allow the author to do some independent research on the subject. The emphasis of the essay is on the personal research, on the communication of information in a logical and clear manner, and on the overall presentation of the essay in a clearly defined set of guidelines. Using extended essay examples is highly advised, as this kind of essay can be rather difficult to write. An easy way to chose a topic for your extended essay is to create a list of possible topics, and then best essay writing service online narrow down the list by removing any topic that is too narrow or too broad. Once you have accomplished this, then do some basic research into the remaining topics to see which one has the most resources available to use for your essay. Then make your final decision on which topic will be best for you.

Now that you have your topic, start doing your research. This is the most important part of this type of essay. Find as many resources as you can that offers information directly related to your topic. Skim through the information to see for ideas of how to focus your essay. Using the information you have collected from your resources, it is time to sit down and https://www.myprivatetutor.ae/blog/how-a-student-can-choose-a-tutor design an outline for your essay. Take a piece of paper and write your main topic in the middle. Then branch out from there to the main points that you discovered in your research. Then work on out until you has created the sub-points that you will use to support the main points of the topic. It will look much like a spider web once you get it completed.

Now that you have all of you research organized, you are ready to start writing your essay. Unlike other types of essays, with extended essays you want to start by writing a body paragraph rather than an introduction. Develop a strong thesis statement in which to base your entire essay off of. Go onto other points related to your topic in which you found in https://hablamosdegamers.com/en/social/the-best-games-for-students-in-2022/ your research, using one paragraph per main point. You have the option to use up to but not exceeding 4,000 words. This may seem like a lot of work, but once you get started putting everything on paper, you will realize just how quickly you can use this up. Using extended essay examples can help you figure out how to condense your essay if you have exceeded your limit. And can also help you stay on track as you make progress in your writing process.

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