Important aspects of parenting a child

When a boy sees his father's reaction to various events, he understands how a man should behave

When a boy sees his father's reaction to various events, he understands how a man should behave
And it is very important that the son sees an example of harmonious respectful relations between father and mother. I often see how in families with fathers, boys take an example from them in relations with girls, treat their mothers more carefully. For the development of such relationships, it is important to look for what the child can help. If it concerns learning, then ask for help from specialists and then there will be a good result in learning and in relationships. Seeing this, the child will be treated with respect to both mom and dad.

It's hard to be "mom and dad"
Of course, I tried to compensate for all of the above and be both mom and dad for my son at the same time. But it's just hard mentally. Sometimes you want to leave only maternal support and care for yourself, and for dad to take care of global education (to push the unpleasant part onto another, yeah!).
While I have not quite idealized the image of a spherical dad in a vacuum, I want to talk about everyday difficulties. They, of course, are in families of single mothers with children. But in general, there are not much more of them than in complete families. It is more difficult for a woman to relax in the financial sphere. Work should bring constant money and give the opportunity to go on sick leave. Before switching to freelancing, for example, to realize your ambitions, you will think 100 times.
There are also such situations: my son and I love hiking, but mother and child are not always taken there.Now, if I also brought an adult man, then yes
And the advantages in such a situation are the same as in complete families. The joy of communicating with your child, from watching how he grows and you grow with him, and learn from him too. In addition, if dad was always there for men's games, I would play less railroad with my son (this is an incredible pleasure, I recommend it to everyone!). I wouldn't do scientific experiments (neo-Newtonian fluid at home, ha!). And my erudition would not have developed in the field of aviation and tank building (have you seen the German Maus tank the size of a two-story house?! If you saw it, you will never forget it!).

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