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https://www.afar.com - Sweden has evolved beyond its iconic stereotypes—a certain car, a certain hair color, and a certain legendary '70s pop group. Its postcard-perfect capital Stockholm is a hotbed of tech startups, innovative design houses, and sustainable restaurants, cafés, and microbreweries, and also enjoys a vibrant indie music scene and a strong gaming industry. Laid-back, hipster-laden Gothenburg is the country’s culinary pride, with the best seafood in the region and young chefs that pop out of tattoo parlors to run Michelin-starred restaurants and serve Swedish royalty. With eco-friendly Malmö's intoxicating mix of cultural influences, Northern Sweden’s Arctic tundra and indigenous Sámi cultures, the traditional Swedish roots of Dalarna, and medieval history on the island of Gotland, today’s Sweden is an eclectic melting pot of creative and cultural influences well beyond—yes—Volvos, blondes, and ABBA.

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