How do I apply Halloween eye makeup?

Skeleton or demon-y type looks you can just go full black paint

It really depends on what look you’re going for.

Skeleton or demon-y type looks you can just go full black paint: (I used UV makeup to make my lashes stand out here.)



I wanted to try half Jack and half Sally for this one a few years ago:



Then a zombie clown thingy I done in lockdown 2020, if you want eye makeup in this kind of style then the blend is your friend. Blend very lightly round in small circles to blend up and out towards the brown tail, then layer. I started with orange here then went in with deeper orange, red, gold and a bit of yellow towards the brow that you can barley see because my phone quality wasn’t great.



A sewn mouth look I wanted to try out a few years ago with basic eyeshadow. Actually the first Halloween look I done I’m sure.



Halloween 2019. Just blended browns and golds on the lid then done black “tears”.



Most recent Halloween attempt in 2021. Again just black paint round the eyes with some hemp string, I wish I’d put more effort into the finished look of this one but I made the teeth myself and had to make a “gum line” to stick them to, then that to my face and by the end of the day my back was killing me from the whole process and I just wanted to get it finished.



I have a few more but I think this is enough pics haha. As you can see, NONE of these are perfect. Not one. Makeup is all about fun, especially Halloween makeup so just have fun with it. Express yourself, try new things, see what you like and don’t like, find a technique you like and work on it. But most importantly, have fun with it :)

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