How Your Spirituality Can Support Recovery - I’m the first to admit that the reason I believe I am still alive today is due to my religious beliefs. When I was diagnosed with depression and an anxiety disorder at just 13, I found that family, friends and even life didn’t mean all that much when I was sitting by myself thinking about whether I should remain alive. The religion I had been brought up in, Christianity, became tremendously important to me while I was going through this as I found that my core beliefs gave me the motivation to wake up each morning and go to bed each night. A key moment in this was when I actually made a promise to God, telling him that I would not harm myself until I finished doing his work. I didn’t want to self harm, but I knew that by making a promise to the God who I had grown up believing in would mean that I would have no choice but to follow through. The promise worked, and over the next few years I would fall back on it many a time when I was particularly struggling.

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