Were the actors that played Han Solo and Luke Skywalker considered the heartthrobs of their time?

It is kind of a guilty and embarrassing pleasure to answer this question. Hm, let’s see… should I get smutty? Anyway…

They had a healthy presence on the list of heartthrobs at the time. I was eighteen when Star Wars came out, so I think that puts me smack dab in the center of the targeted heartthrob audience of that decade.

Luke was quite appealing as a person. Mark Hamill radiated kindness and compassion (still does). But that’s not to say he didn’t have it going in the body department. He was athletic, had beautiful definition to his physique, like a ballet dancer. He was a sensitive girl’s dream.

Oh, but Han. For a girl, newly contemplating sexuality…. Harrison Ford presented a lot for the imagination. (Dude’s still got that pinup shit going at 77).

I’ve read that Mark Hamill received tons of fan mail from young girls who knew they were in love, and sent him stationery with hearts drawn on the pages. Harrison Ford, on the other hand, got letters from older women who wanted to do things to his body.

Poor Carrie Fisher didn’t stand a chance between those two.

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