What are the perks of investment banking?

10 years sooner, at Morgan Stanley, before the Global Financial Crisis…

10 years sooner, at Morgan Stanley, before the Global Financial Crisis…


  • Astounding awards.
  • Business class flights. Top notch for Executive Directors and Managing Directors, if a transient flight.
  • The best lodgings, astounding bistros and bars (loads of occasions, on the other hand in the event that a client is with you it's completely paid for).
  • Any tech issues, somebody from specific assistance comes running over at the snap of your finger, whether you can't track down the 'on' button to the PC
  • Those on the exchanging floor can have lots of screens. Mental self representation trip.


  • Supported enlistment to office practice center, pool, squash court, spa.
  • Free supper tolerating you work past 8pm.
  • Driver brings you back home tolerating you work past 10pm.
  • The best clinical cover and a mind boggling benefits.
  • Surprising subsidized staff compartment.
  • You truly need to learn anything, similar to a language, the bank will promise you have all that working environments that anyone could hope to find.
  • In the event that you're whenever in poo, as in jail in North Korea, most speculation banks will do all that they can for save your butt. You at first ask God, then, at that point, call the bank…

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