What is Civil Litigation?

Civil Proceedings occur when an individual or a group gets involved in a legal disagreement related to monetary compensation, recovery of property etc. An individual, group of companies or, for that matter, even the government can be a party in civil litigation. A Civil Litigation Attorney is needed to progress in such cases.

Terms You Should Know:

Plaintiff - The individual/party that initiates or files the complaint is Plaintiff.

Defendant - The individual/party against whom the complaint is registered as in the party who is sued is known as the Defendant.

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Why only Civil Litigation Lawyers?

As every domain of legality is different, so is the nature of business. There are various litigation lawyers in other domains, but for Civil Litigation, you need an exceptional professional lawyer for the best expertise you get at Blumsack Canzano.

Civil disputes need technicalities and precision to be tackled. Trust your case only with the best lawyers/attorney. The opposite party may not adjust to your choices, and if you find yourself in such a tough spot, reach out to the best Civil Litigation Attorney, Boston - Blumsack Canzano.

We are one of the best law firms in Boston, and our expertise has been in Civil litigation cases. Our civil litigation lawyer represents both plaintiffs and defendants. You might be an individual, a partnership or a corporation. We deal in all aspects.

1.  Business Related Litigation Includes:

· Fraud

· Breach of contract

· Dissolution or breakup of a business

· Unfair business practices

· Business disputes

· Trade secrets

· Non-compete covenants

· Breach of warranties

· Mechanics liens

· Employment litigation

2. Personal Litigation Includes:

· Personal injury

· Product liabilit

3. Administrative

· Administrative law

4. Injunctions

· Preliminary and permanent injunctions

5. Real estate and construction litigation

· Real estate litigation

· Landlord-tenant litigation

· Construction defects

· Premises liability

We take 100% care of our clients and keep their best foot forward by preparing an aggressive and full-versed case for them. Blumsack Canzano leaves no scope for a plaintiff or a defendant to miss their chance of success.