There have been reports of minibuses arriving at the airport without their drivers

Two of the six businesses that came together on June 16 to form the Hunan Airport Technology Innovation Strategic Cooperation Alliance were Hunan Airport Group and Yutong Bus

Two of the six businesses that came together on June 16 to form the Hunan Airport Technology Innovation Strategic Cooperation Alliance were Hunan Airport Group and Yutong Bus. This alliance was called the Hunan Airport Technology Innovation Strategic Cooperation Alliance. The newest generation of driverless buses, which have been given the name Xiaoyu 2.0 and were created by Yutong and WeRide in collaboration, have made their way onto the apron at Changsha Airport in order to be tested. It is the first time that a driverless bus in the country has been allowed to enter the apron for manned testing, and it is happening in the country.

In accordance with the plan that was developed by the alliance, the unmanned bus Xiaoyu 2.0 with L4 autonomous driving capability that Yutong Bus has developed will officially enter the airport apron for testing. The connection of individual passengers, the ferrying of crew members, and the commuting of employees working in the apron are the primary functions that the first stage is responsible for performing. At the same time, Yutong will also carry out in-depth cooperation with Changsha Airport in the areas of automatic driver ferry, new energy, intelligent charging, automatic docking of various equipment, and automatic biggest minivan aircraft guidance in order to investigate the overall solution of airport smart transportation. This will be done based on the operational environment of the airport.

On June 15, Velodyne announced the launch of the Velabit sensor, a lidar from the next generation. This sensor was developed for use in unmanned vehicles, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and other types of robotic systems. According to Velodyne, this is roughly equivalent to having three times the efficiency of its predecessor in terms of its performance. It is possible that the Velabit sensor will enter mass production during the fourth quarter of the year 2022.

The solid-state Velabit sensor has the capacity to simultaneously achieve a maximum horizontal field of view of 90 degrees and a maximum vertical field of view of 70 degrees. Both of these field of view maximums can be achieved simultaneously. The Velabit sensor has a detection range of up to 100 meters, weighs 125 grams, has dimensions of 2.4 inches by 2.4 inches by 1.38 inches, consumes as little as 3-6 watts of power, and has dimensions of 2.4 inches by 2.4 inches by 1.38 inches.

Velabit is able to convert point cloud data into perception signals when used in conjunction with the functions provided by Vella. These signals include the classification and tracking of objects, the detection of obstacles, the segmentation of scenes, and the measurement of object velocity. Velabit is outfitted with Velodyne's very own Micro Lidar Array Architecture (MLA), which was developed in-house. When information from the meter, such as mileage and speed, are taken into account, Vella is able to provide measurements of both the time and distance that have to pass before a collision takes place.

On June 15, Nuro announced that it had reached an agreement with FedEx to form a partnership that will result in the deployment of driverless delivery vehicles for FedEx. The partnership is expected to result in the deployment of driverless delivery vehicles for FedEx. In the past, the two organizations collaborated on a pilot project in Houston that was centered on the utilization of driverless delivery vehicles to provide users with assistance when it came to the delivery of packages.

Solid-state battery makerSolid Power to go public

Solid Power, a manufacturer of solid-state batteries that has received financial backing from Ford and BMW, reportedly made the announcement on June 15 that it would merge with a blank-check company called Decarbonization 17 seater minibus for sale Plus Acquisition Corp III in order to go public. The news was reported by international media outlets. The transaction is expected to be finalized during the fourth quarter of this year, which will result in Solid Power receiving $600 million in cash at a combined valuation of approximately $1.2 billion. The timing of the transaction's completion is anticipated. Once the transaction has been finalized, the combined Solid Power will be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the ticker symbol SLDP.

Baidu's first demonstration of its unmanned vehicle, which it has been working on for quite some time, will take place in Mentougou.

A few days ago, during the launch ceremony of the National Artificial Intelligence Innovation Application Pilot Zone in Beijing, an official strategic cooperation agreement was signed between the Mentougou District Government and Baidu. On mountain roads in the Mentougou region, road tests of autonomous, unmanned vehicles that were developed by Baidu will get underway in the not too distant future.

In accordance with the terms of the cooperation agreement, the Mentougou District Government and Baidu will engage in comprehensive and extensive collaboration across a variety of domains, including but not limited to: the intelligentization of industrial enterprises; the development of talent in the digital field; Internet-based medical care; regional publicity and promotion; unmanned driving; AI computing; and so on. This collaboration will take place across a variety of domains. a completely original industry that focuses on technological innovation and a business model that is beneficial to all parties involved. The two groups will look into the feasibility of not only constructing an AI computing center, but also doing so in a way that is both efficient and innovative, all while reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere.

Production at the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas is getting ready to start in the very near future.

According to reports originating from international media, on June 16 a Model Y body arrived at Tesla's super factory in Texas, which is located in the state of Texas, which is in the United States. This is evidence that the facility will soon begin production once production soon begins at the facility. It has been reported that once the factory is finished, Tesla will begin production of the Model Y in this factory as the first vehicle to be manufactured there. This will be the second factory that Tesla has built. In the minibus manufacturer not too distant future, the plant will also start producing electric pickups modeled after the Cybertruck. The official release of Xiaopeng Motors' micro display took place on June 16—the same day that the company introduced Xiaopeng P7OTA 2.6.0. The VPA parking lot memory parking (beta), which is officially open to users and is the first mass-produced parking function that does not rely on the transformation of the parking lot, is one of these features. It was developed by the Virtual Parking Assistant.

There have been four new developments in recent years for conventional automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

At the general meeting of shareholders that was held by BYD on June 16th, the proposal to spin off BYD Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and list it on the Growth Enterprise Market was approved, and the company made the announcement that same day. Foxconn has provided funding in the amount of $36 million to Gigasolar Materials. This funding is intended to facilitate the companies' joint research and development of components for electric vehicles. According to reports from various international media outlets, Foxconn made the announcement on June 16 that one of its subsidiaries had invested $36 million in Gigasolar Materials. As a result of the investment, Foxconn's subsidiary became the second largest shareholder in the latter company. Gigasolar Materials is an industry leader when it comes to the production of materials for solar cells. Foxconn made the announcement in a statement that was made public on Tuesday, stating that the company, along with another, will collaborate to develop materials for electric vehicles.


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