Lost Ark Stonghold View Research Tip

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You can look up the prerequisites for Lost Ark Gold every upgrade to your stronghold by clicking "All Research" in the drop-down menu on top of the Lab UI. In the case of workshops, simply uncheck the "View Craftable" box and view each recipe.

Like your characters, strongholds are also able to have a level that they share. You earn stronghold XP by obviously, the use of your stronghold. Conducting research, crafting, or the sending of crew members to expeditions all grant stronghold XP. By far the best way to improve your strength is by completing station mission to ensure that the station is in use every time you play Lost Ark.

We've covered the essentials of your stronghold up to this point, yet your player home could provide even more products and services with the right investment. Let's review a few options that you can unlock the strength of your home as you boost its level and complete certain research tasks.

Trade merchants are temporary sellers which offer unique products. These vendors can exchange seals gathered from missions to rare items, craft recipes, collectibles, as well as new crew members to your ship. Vendors change in and within your stronghold, so make sure to check your stronghold each day to check what's available.

Once you've completed the "A verdant land" quest cheapest Lost Ark Gold in your stronghold and completing the "A Verdant Land" quest, you'll unlock a which will lead you to a resource farm on your stronghold. This farm will grow material for trading skills for you to harvest each day although there's a major caveat: you cannot trade or trade the items from this farm. You can only use them for crafting. This island also provides exclusive resources for making chest bundles for your workshop. Crafted items made with these resources can trade with players.


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