Jacob's motivation is interestingly ridiculous

the F9 is basically set to hit it from the park, for those who are smart enough to keep their expectations humble.

F9: A computer key for a purpose I can't justify or explain enough in my head, and also a movie that suffers from the same fate for everything that's really interesting f9 review. It's a Fast Furious movie, so at least I know to some extent what I'm trying to find. It's not a small feat. There's a lot to say about the friendliness of a franchise. If you're already in love with this group of psychic refluffs, led by the increasingly Stallone-inspired Vin Diesel, the movie will be played in that love. If the madness that compromises with the core bets of the nine-movie (and counting) action franchise accepts that there are more rational options at the moment: more ridiculous, more cameos and callbacks, more Self-awareness, a story of the bottom This series has become a line suitable for a soap opera for more than 10 years. F9 is especially easy. In the first place, that's all we're looking for in these movies. And returning to the theater after a year or more of the movie meltdown, the F9 is basically set to hit it from the park, for those who are smart enough to keep their expectations humble.

It is worth noting that Jacob's motivation is interestingly ridiculous. He is trying to get out of the shadow of his brother. He wants control of the world because his world is completely controlled. He is almost a great villain. I wish he wasn't so crowded. Jacob's annoying companion Otto (Thue Ersted Rasmussen) seems to be Putin's son. Cryptography remains meaninglessly evil and has no personality. The first people to attack the crew of Toretto were the fictitious Central American troops. We were teasing 80's movies for something like this before people forgot that 80's movies were bad. I know people who think all fasts are stupid, and those people are stupid. But the best fasting is a combination of confusing ridiculousness and the highest honesty, which is best associated with a great character who feels great emotions. F9 briefly emphasizes Dom and Letty, who are struggling with new parenting responsibilities. After that, they are all handcuffed to the deadly search mission of the shining green god's computer.

Its shamelessness until the next movie reveals some of the deeper problems that plague Fast Saga in the incarnation of the universe in that movie. The series lacked something special as the hero transformed into a spy who crucified a car thief and saved an explosive world. Much of the F9 story happens because no one tells different people to do different things. I don't want my hero to do things because some common spy bosses tell them what to do. Carter Verone belongs to Miami because the love of life has returned from death due to memory loss because someone killed the love of life because of the need for money. The cruelest smuggler!

Nine shocking movies: Diesel (yes, really!), Who shot solos in ridiculous action vehicles such as xXx, The Chronicles of Riddick, and The Last Witch Hunter, struggled to bring his charisma into the friendship of the ensemble. Increasingly, and his imminent presence drags the F9. In addition to the thrill franchise's $ 6 billion box office revenue, Lin and screenwriter Dan Casey (Kin) have built the largest box office revenue ever, sending each member of the family to their mission, "Project Ares". A world that prevents the ultimate weapon of the end. Unfortunately, despite multiple storylines that keep Diesel off the screen, they use the same space to build the Dom monument.

When he is, F9 is a dom show, exploring the history of his family and rethinking the former DVD player thief as a hero of Heracles touched by the gods. Wife Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), sister Mia (Jordana Brewster), friends Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Tez (Chris "Ludacris" Bridge) are trusted or face-to-face I never feel like a person. .. (Close your eyes, he's just too many people to understand the human mind!) After 20 years of fast-paced movies, Dom is a fully functional blockbuster superhero. He can rotate the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat across a rift in Central America, as if he had sex with the Indianapolis 500 Jones. But give him a floor for his family gatherings, and he's DOA.

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