Shadow in the Cloud | Chloë Grace Moretz

A female WWII pilot traveling with top secret documents on a B-17 Flying Fortress encounters an evil presence on board the flight.

Shadow in the Cloud


In August 1943, Pilot Officer Maude Garrett, a female flight officer, is assigned to travel with a top secret package from Auckland, New Zealand, to Samoa. When she arrives at the airbase, she sees a ground crew ramp worker disappear, just before suddenly finding herself standing right in front of her transport, a B-17 bomber named The Fool's Errand. The bomber's crew gives her a mostly derisive welcome, and she is quartered in the Sperry Ball turret for the takeoff. With no room left for her document valise, she reluctantly allows the only crew member friendly to her, Staff Sergeant Walter Quaid, to store it.


While stuck in the gun turret, Maude sees some sort of winged creature clinging to the underside of the bomber's wing. She reports it, but most of the crew, except Private Beckell, who also sees it, dismisses her. When she is allowed to leave the turret, the hatch malfunctions, trapping her inside. When she reacts indignantly to the crew's comments about her situation, they abandon their attempt to open the stuck hatch and the intercom suddenly goes dead. After seeing a Japanese aircraft appearing and disappearing in the clouds close to the bomber, she is abruptly attacked by the creature, a gremlin; she fights it off but ends up being injured. When the crew contacts her again to ask what happened, a radio message comes in telling them that "Maude Garrett" doesn't exist and is not registered for their flight. When they begin to take her out for questioning, Maude deliberately jams the turret's gears and prepares to defend herself. Suddenly, the Japanese aircraft reappears and opens fire. Taking control of the gun turret, she shoots it down, winning the crew's grudging respect.




While continuing to talk with the crew, Maude admits she is actually married and boarded the bomber under her maiden name, but refuses to reveal her mission, citing its secrecy. She sees the gremlin again as it continues to sabotage the bomber. Eventually, Private Dorn sights it too, but the others disregard him. Suspecting Maude's assignment is the cause of their misfortunes, Reeves gives the order to open the bag, which contains a baby, Maude's and Quaid's extramarital child. Forced to confess, Maude explains that she was severely mistreated by her husband; she had an affair with Quaid and inadvertently got pregnant. Someone betrayed her to her husband, who came to the base looking for her. Deciding not to tell Quaid, Maude faked her assignment to get away from her husband, who she says would have killed her in his rage.


Just as Captain Reeves turns back to the airbase, three Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighters attack and the gremlin boards the bomber, injures Quaid, and kidnaps the baby. When the gremlin appears outside before her with the baby in the bag, Maude exits the turret and fires her handgun at it, driving it off; the bag is now hanging precariously from the engine nacelle. Risking a perilous climb under the wing, Maude is able to retrieve her child and reboard the bomber through the now shot away ball turret opening. The gremlin attacks again, throwing Technical Sergeant Taggart out of the aircraft before Maude can evict it. When Reeves, Lieutenant Finch, and Dorn are killed by additional Japanese fighter gunfire, Maude takes command and brings the bomber roughly but safely down in a controlled crashing landing. The gremlin reappears and tries to snatch the baby once again, but Maude is finally able to kill the creature, ending the threat. She and the other survivors watch as The Fool's Errand burns and explodes.


Directors          Roseanne Liang

Starring           Chloë Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Beulah Koale

Genres            Action, Military and War

Release           2021

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