Influence of Bon Region

Amdo area in Tibet is a place where Tibetan Buddhism flourishes.

Due to the special area, the Bon customs in their lives are still strong and unique.

Bon religion once had a high status and political fields in the Tubo Dynasty. From Nie Chi Zanpu to Latto Rinian Zan, all the 26 generations used the Bon religion to protect the state. However, due to the special area of Amdo Tibetan area and the influence of Central Plains culture, the ideological function of Bon religion is mainly manifested in the field of life, which is a major feature of the development and retention of religious culture in Amdo area; The concept of the oneness of cultural gods and human blood, the system of gods, and cultural and social activities still occupy an important position in the Amdo area. It has evolved into people's daily social activities and traditional behaviors.

With the transition from an animal husbandry economy to an agricultural economy in ancient Tibetan society, totem worship turned to nature worship, and mountain gods and kitchen gods were the main objects of their worship. Bon religion believes that although the root of the mountain god (also known as the "year god") is in the light of the sky, its main activity place is in the valley of Gaoj Mountain. The kitchen god's fixed place is in the kitchen, and his duty is to protect the family's safety and make money. In the traditional customs and concepts of the Amdo area, the scorpion is the incarnation of the dragon girl and the kitchen god of its own. In many areas, when you walk into Tibetan dwellings, especially farm kitchens, you will find white scorpions painted on the walls of the black kitchens, with contrasting black and white, and the kitchen god symbolizes the sacredness and majesty of scorpions.


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