The Wedding Dresses During the Medieval Times

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During Medieval times (5th to 15th centuries), marriage was still not only a union between a couple. It often represented a union between two families, two businesses, as well as two countries. Weddings were often arranged and much more a matter of politics than love. A bride needed to dress in a fashion that cast her family in the most favorable light since she wasn't only representing herself.

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Medieval brides of the elevated social standing wore rich colors, and expensive fabrics and frequently had gems sewn into the garment. It was common to see well-to-do brides wearing boldly colored layers of furs, velvet, and silk.

Those of the lower social standing wore fabrics that weren't as rich, though they copied the elegant styles as well as they could.

wedding dresses within the middle ages might be of several shades - blue was popular due to the association with purity, but dresses may be red, yellow, green, or any other shade.

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