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Prima Weight Loss We deliberately chose a period of 30 days. The manufacturer recommends taking Prima Weight Loss for at least 30 days to see a long-term effect. 32-year-old Luisa accompanied us during our 30-day self-test. Before we started the test, Luisa was 165 cm tall and weighed 85 kg. She was already dissatisfied with her weight as a teenager and had wanted to change something about it for a long time. In the past, Luisa had tried dozens of diets without success. Self-test day 1: Before we could really start our self-test, we wanted to explain to Luisa the correct dosage of the Weight LossPrima. That's why we invited her to our private practice to have a conversation with her. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, you should consume 5-10 Prima Weight Loss tablets throughout the day. A dosage of 2×3 Prima Weight Loss is completely sufficient. But we also informed Luisa that she could increase her dosage if she wanted to. The only important thing is that she would not take more than 10 Prima Weight Loss a day, as the preparation is in high doses. Before you can swallow Prima Weight Loss, you should keep Prima Weight Loss under your tongue for 30-60 seconds, as the active ingredients are absorbed through the mucous membrane. Luisa was then able to leave our practice with her weight loss and start the test. Since the body has to get used to the active ingredients, there was no weight loss on the first day. Self-test day 15: Prima Weight Loss The first 2 weeks of our self-test went according to plan. Luisa took 5-10 Prima Weight Loss a day and up to that point had had no side effects or complications.

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