As you start to feel a sense of deep relaxation, picture yourself standing before a peaceful lake or pond. Drop a pebble into the center and notice the water .... Jan 10, 2017 — Open Your Heart Chakra for Greater Love and Compassion. The heart is a crucial energy center in the body where many physical and energetic .... May 14, 2021 — Lovingkindness meditation, even brief, naturally nurtures self-compassion as an open heart radiates kindness to others and the world. f50e787ee1 gaetmark

That is why in this love meditation, “Know thyself” is the first practice ... As we become aware of the feelings in us, our self-understanding will deepen.. Nov 02, 2019 · Meditation Script for Self-Love To begin, sit in a comfortable position. Bring your spine into straight alignment, keeping your chin in a .... Clearing Your Mind. This guided meditation script will help you clear your mind and relax allowing you to expand your feelings of peace and happiness. Be Here ...

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