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by S Molazadeh · Cited by 4 — bandoneons, two violins, a cello, a double bass, a piano and an electric guitar. ... be extremely free and improvisatory, but both performers and composers began working ... [improvising the arrangement], with only one score on the piano. ... Café 1930 in particular contains very somber melodies in both the flute and guitar​. It.. by J Boehm · 2016 — This Open Access Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the ... Café 1930, Tanti Anni Primi, & Butcher's Death (Astor Piazzolla) ... flute and harp, violin and piano, and more.14 Challenges for the trumpet player in “Café ... piano in this arrangement) has a much more active idea reminiscent of the melodic.. Fabulous addition to the Latin repertoire for flute and harp – advanced harp. ;​Bordel 1900;Café 1930;Night-Club 1960;Concert d'aujourd'hui ... f50e787ee1 zoffyaj

Sheet Music Collection (UMKC) ... Aid to Violin Technic. Morse ... Whiting,. Richard A. Robin, Leo. Famous. Music Corp. New York. 1930 ... [New York, NY:] 1947. smc. At the Candlelight. Café. David, Mack. M. Witmark ... Born free: piano solo.