Nov 6, 2018 — I see a lot of mixed reviews but not the exact answer I'm looking for. I currently have a noob V9. I've read the ARF is best OOTB. Noob is better if .... Nov 4, 2019 — The difference between V10 and V9 Noob sub which is visible is the platinum ... SH3135 is a true clone and it compatible with most parts. fe9c53e484 gregpas

I've always used the SH3135 in mine and as long as they are serviced are very reliable, and you can ad a gen date wheel and gen parts as you desire. Yuki is the .... Noob v9 sh3135 ... Can the experts share opinion on which Hulk - esp the color of Bezel - comes as better rep for the Hulk Submariner. Looking to get one and .... Secondly, the movement choices are completely up to you. There are a few that are available for this particular watch IIRC: SH3135, SA3135, A2836, and A2824.