Nov 19, 2020 — The Psycho Mantis fight and when Campbell hinted to look on the back of your cd case for the codec frequency.... People who turn their noses .... Jun 9, 2015 — This initiates a CODEC CALL between SNAKE and COLONEL CAMPBELL. IMAGES ... by codec. Her frequency is on the back of the CD case.. Aug 23, 2018 — ... you Meryl's codec frequency is on "the back of the CD case," I thought he meant it was on the back of the CD case of the Metal Gear test data ... fe9c53e484 siaadr

Jun 21, 2012 — Apparently in Metal Gear Solid you were supposed to find Meryl's number on the back of the CD case, but I had found it in the manual and .... Apr 13, 2021 — Or Campbell lets you know that Meryl's CODEC code is on the back of your Metal Gear Solid jewel case. I always wondered how the PC or .... Feb 1, 2018 — Metal Gear Solid Customs Thread: SUBSISTENCE. Thread starter ... to expand... Lol, it's on the back of the Ismael box, just like Meryl's codec number ;p ... It should be on the back of the CD case ... no, the Box art." :wink1: ...

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