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15 ກ.ລ. 2020 — This'll definitely work better than VMWare or VirtualBox - a lot of old ... Windows 3.11, MS-DOS 6.22, Calmira, MS Office 2.0, DOOM, Golf, .... 12 ກ.ຍ. 2016 — Changed the name to DOS6.22. and then meh, img files are a no go. ... Can you use/import a VMWare virtual hard drive (.vmdk) in KVM? ef2a72b085 ellifei

2 ກ.ຍ. 2020 — ISO compatible VMWare and VirtualBox. ... You need to install MS-DOS 6.22 first to the C: drive then you can execute the setup.exe off the .... 22 ມ.ສ. 2021 — ISO for FreeDOS 1.2) works fine with VirtualBox. ... Choose VHD to be able to mount the image as an external disk in Windows or macOS.. Disk images (*.img files) for use with VirtualBox or flashing to floppy disks: ... Okay, so the install of Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS 6.22 in a VM on QEMU went ...

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