Individual Therapy

Individual therapy involves one-on-one sessions between the individual and therapist, typically occurring weekly. The therapist works with the individual to establish a sense of trust and safety through a nonjudgmental stance. The therapeutic relationship takes time to develop and may evolve as the individual’s needs change over time. Treatment plans vary for each individual depending on unique needs and personalities. However, common therapy goals may include increased self-awareness and increased understanding of thoughts and feelings. This insight allows individuals to make positive changes by thinking through their everyday decisions and life goals.

- Much of the treatment for cognitive or behavioral issues is done through meeting with a clinical therapist. These assist providers in developing and understanding the challenging issues facing our patients and their loved ones. Through the use of multiple interventions and coordinating with other professionals the therapist will provide the treatment needed to overcome any of the issues challenging quality of life and happiness.
- While we do ask if there is a preferred therapist, understand that therapist might not be able to see you/your child due to scheduling or conflict issues. PBHP has numerous qualified providers that provide services at a time that works as best as we can with your schedule.
- Our Clinical Director assigns therapists to patients based on age and the reason they are seeking treatment.