Psychological Testing

Palos Behavioral Health Professionals offers Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing, which is essential to the organization of appropriate and successful treatment for children, adolescents, and adults. Testing accomplishes a clear understanding of one’s diagnosis, resources, cognitive capabilities, and personality functioning. Additionally, here at PBHP, we focus on one’s Outlook, Social Intuitiveness, Sensitivity to Context, Resilience, Attention, and Self-Awareness. Areas of Assessment Diagnostic Psychological Evaluations Cognitive Assessment, including Intelligence and Memory Testing Assessments of how learning is impacting student’s distress and performance in school Clinical and Personality Assessment ADHD Evaluations Executive Functioning Testing.

- In medication and psychotherapy treatment psychological testing is crucial for making good treatment decisions. Just like an x-ray or lab work for your primary care physician our providers rely on test results to make treatment focused and efficient.
- Many people are afraid of psychological testing and view it as finding out something is wrong with them. Rather, it is more similar to a strength and weakness assessment that will guide medical treatment planning.
- It is very common to have a wait-list for psychological testing at PBHP; thus if you receive a call for an appointment please make every effort to schedule and keep your appointment as soon as possible.
- It is appropriate to take children out of school for assessments.