Positive Parenting

Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are characterized by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behavior. It is critical for parents and families to learn the early signs of ASD and become familiar with age-appropriate developmental milestones and targeted timeframes for these milestones to be achieved. Our therapists can assist you and your family in addressing the complex issues that arise from a child exhibiting symptoms of ASD.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a commonly occurring phenomenon in today's society. Symptoms may include extreme amounts of seemingly endless energy, the complete lack of ability to maintain focus, or a combination of both. Children and adults can be affected by the disorder, impacting their lives across multiple settings. Our therapists can assist you and your family in creating and reinforcing a positive, structured environment to manage symptoms.

Is someone constantly picking on your child? Is your child being aggressive towards other children? Is this happening to someone your child knows? Our therapists can assist you and your family in understanding bullying and steps you can take to eliminate the imbalance of power in your child's relationships.

Who is in charge at your house? Who is the parent and who is the child? If these answers are not clear, you and your family may benefit from working with our therapists to develop clearly defined, healthy boundaries to ensure the safety, health, and well-being for each member of your family.

Building Resilience:
Children today face a myriad of challenges that can have a significant impact on their development and progression into adulthood. Our therapists can assist you and your child in developing skills to effectively navigate these challenges and provide them with skills to maintain a healthy self esteem in the face of adversity.

Blended Families:
There are many different types of family compositions today, each of which brings a special set of cir****stances that can impact parent-child relationships. Our therapists can assist you in addressing these cir****stances to maintain healthy relationships.

For every choice your child makes, there is a consequence. Good choices equates with good results, while poor choices receive negative responses. Our therapists can assist you in establishing a healthy system for reinforcing positive choices and redirecting negative choices in a manner that is safe for you and your family.

Who is this person living in your house and what have they done with your child? Living with, and parenting, teenagers can be a trying time. Our therapists possess the knowledge and skills to assist you and your family in successfully navigating this transitional period.

Are you still smarter than a 5th grader? Homework battles leaving war wounds on your kitchen table? Our therapists can assist you and your family in developing appropriate guidelines for coping with educational issues and strategies for maintaining a healthy work-school-home life balance.

Single Parenthood:
Parenting a child is difficult, and having sole responsibility can further impact your ability to successfully launch your child into being a productive, independent, functioning member of society. Our therapists can assist you in developing appropriate skills to establish and reinforce a structured, consistent, nurturing environment for you and your family, ensuring that you are not alone.

Family Therapy:
Conflict is a natural part of life as children test adults and challenge limits. Our therapists are trained to assist you and your family by providing a neutral, safe environment in which to address age-appropriate roles, rules, expectations and consequences for each member of the household.

Parent Training:
Children do not come with instruction manuals or a guide for troubleshooting problematic issues. Our therapists can assist you in developing new and improved means of managing household issues, developing and reinforcing age-appropriate structure and routines, and provide you with the skills to effectively parent your children.